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Famous YouTube Bridezilla Revealed

By now, following the blog and mainstream media firestorm, almost everyone has seen this week’s most discussed web clip involving a bride from hell and a bad hair day. The Star covered the buzz today with comments from Norman Jewison(!), the viral video was discussed this morning on NBC’s Today show and it’s been viewed almost 2.5 million times on YouTube. The big debate: it it real or fake?

Entitled “Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out” and boasting more than 8,500 user comments so far, the video features three bridesmaids drinking champagne and apparently getting ready for a wedding. With hair twisted, tangled and adorned with flowers, the bride runs in screaming about her coiffure, so distraught that she grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting off her locks.
Torontoist has learned that the issue of its authenticity may have finally been put to rest. We hear that the bride-in-question is 22-year-old Toronto actor and theatre major Jodi Behan, a former student of Randolph Academy for Performing Arts. Behan has also appeared in the 2005 Toronto production of Pulp Fiction – Live! and you can see her MySpace profile here.
It also seems that the video was actually shot at her supposed real-life wedding to husband Kevin (he’s mentioned in the video), but the hair part was staged with a wig earlier in the day. Of course, this scandalous scuttlebutt is super-breaking news and all unconfirmed, but we at Torontoist love our local YouTube stars — especially when they’re incredibly brilliant — so Jodi: call us and let’s talk.
UPDATE (February 1): Behan tells The Star that Jodi’s character was part of a piece of YouTube performance art by Ryerson grad Ingrid Haas. Bridesmaid Jessie is Jodi’s real-life sister.
UPDATE (February 2): Read our latest coverage that corrects some facts and reveals the location of the shoot and the Toronto marketing agency responsible for the campaign.
Image at upper right from Filmfrog on Flickr, taken on the set of Closet, directed by Ryerson fourth-year film student Yaz Rabadi. In the short, Jodi plays a wife named Lauren who gets killed by her husband. We now have the film and we’re waiting to get permission to post it.


  • Dlisted

    Torontoist learned from Dlisted?

  • Marc Lostracco


  • Deekay

    Yawn. I hope she realizes (if it was indeed a stunt, and not just a leaked inside joke) that she’ll never have a role where she isn’t “that crazy faking Youtube bride”. Smart career move.

  • yo


  • Marc Lostracco

    Gossip site Dlisted, who received the name tip from a reader late this afternoon, mentions that Behan has a Facebook profile, so here’s the link to that. Check out the profile comments for congratulations to Behan on “contrived media.”
    Global National believes that the video may have been shot in a Toronto hotel room (anyone in the hospitality industry recognize that shower curtain?).

  • Steve

    Well, at least she’s cuter and funnier than the “Runaway Bride” whackjob we had in Georgia. Hope she enjoys the 15 minutes. Ya gotta’ admit, there were some funny lines in the video.
    Marc, what “hospitality industry” are you referring to? It would be so funny if an escort commented on here and said, “Oh, yeah, I know that hotel, do my best business there.”
    : – )

  • Peter

    She is all kinds of cute.

  • marc

    I know you love this video… found an interview with them:

  • Yaz Rabadi

    Lauren is not killed by her ‘husband’. I’m just saying.
    Yaz Rabadi