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Live Baby Live – Week of Nov. 13

The Dears © Carrie Musgrave
We’re a little late with this week’s music listing–blame the election! Er, okay, maybe someone just got immersed in learning a bit of Flash and let it slip. It won’t happen again.
If you’re looking for some local flavour, you’ve got a few really good choices this week, including Melissa McClelland, Ohbijou, Elliott Brood, and the Great Lake Swimmers. All highly recommended, particularly Melissa–her voice is like honey. On the not-so-local side, Axl Rose is slithering his way around the city as we speak, possibly even getting his dreadlocks touched up. There’s a good chance 80s glam princess Sebastian Bach will be sitting in the chair beside him at the salon (or buying new eyeliner at The Bay’s MAC counter), since he’s opening for GnR. Yeah, that’s right, welcome back to the 80s–or should we say, ‘welcome back to the jungle’?
On a sad note, if you have tickets to see Bloc Party (and Panic! At The Disco) on Thursday, hopefully you know by now that they’re no longer playing and have cancelled the rest of their tour due to drummer Matt Tong’s recent hospitalization for a collapsed lung. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, you’re welcome, and we’re sorry. Panic! will still be performing (not sure if that’s any consolation, considering each band’s fans apparently hate each other).
Is your favourite band playing this week and we neglected to list them? Give us a slap on the wrist in the comments.

Recently Announced

Dec. 1 – The Constantines @ Lee’s Palace, $17.50
Dec. 2 – Care Canada presents Jason Collett and The Constantines @ Lee’s Palace, $16
Dec. 15 – Elliott Brood @ Lee’s Palace, $12
Jan. 6 – Emily Haines @ Danforth Music Hall, $23.25
Mar. 31 – Snow Patrol, OK Go and Silversun Pickups @ Ricoh Coliseum, $39.50
This Week

Wed. Nov. 15

Melissa McClelland @ Hugh’s Room, $12
Dilana & Magne (from Rockstar Supernova) @ Lee’s Palace, $20
Guns n’ Roses w/ Sebastian Bach @ ACC, $35-85
Thurs. Nov. 16
The Dears w/ Land of Talk @ Lee’s Palace, $20
Emm Gryner w/ Royal Wood, Madviolet @ Mod Club, $12.50
Panic! at the Disco @ Ricoh Coliseum, $34.50
The Original Superstars of Jazz Fusion feat. Roy Ayers and more @ Phoenix, $39.50
Gordon Lightfoot @ Massey Hall, $45-65
Fri. Nov. 17
The Dears w/ Land of Talk @ Lee’s Palace, $20
Hot One @ El Mocambo, $12.50
Tin Bangs @ Mod Club, $7
Gordon Lightfoot @ Massey Hall, $45-65
Sat. Nov. 18
Elliott Brood, Old Soul, Great Lake Swimmers, Shad @ Toronto Reference Library
The Dears w/ Ohbijou@ Lee’s Palace, $20
Tahiti 80 @ Horseshoe, $13.50
Gordon Lightfoot @ Massey Hall, $45-65
Sun. Nov. 19
Gordon Lightfoot @ Massey Hall, $45-65
Photo: Carrie Musgrave


  • Jonathan

    This show seldom hits Toronto. Seriously, there’s no other act out there like this. From promo copy:
    “While recent headlines are dominated by news of conflict and war in the Middle East, an Israeli musical collaborative has achieved success by looking beyond intercultural differences and celebrating the value of diversity. Infusing a blend of traditional Ethiopian folk music, Arabic poetry, Yemenite chants, Biblical psalms and Caribbean rhythms, The Idan Raichel Project has created an unparalleled musical experience that has already taken Israel by storm.”
    Tix are between $25-50 via Steep, but for those who dig this kind of thing, worth it, and it’s a fundraiser for Israeli children’s charities. yes, that’s a controversial cause to support, but there it is.
    (also has music — check out “Mi’Ma’amakim” (from the depths) and Bo’ee (come).
    Idan Raichel plays the Music Hall Nov. 18.

  • Jonathan

    Huh, looks like he’s one of those multiple-MySpace user-types, or maybe the above link is the fan site since this one has the most “friends”:
    He really doesn’t come along very often, so those who are interested should take that into account.

  • Jonathan

    “So this is what it feels like…when doves cry.”

  • x_the_x

    How in sanity can one describe an Isreali children’s charity as “controversial”?

  • Jonathan

    To x_the_x: Because even though one would be helping Israeli children recover from the summer’s war, one could just as easily support relief causes in, say, Lebanon. Explicit support of Israel:not a cut-and-dry thing. Not in Israel, not here.

  • x_the_x

    That one could support another charity that is deserving does not presuppose that the the charity that is supported is undeserving, so your example is of little assistance. Wonder if you would attach the same qualifier to a children’s charity in Burma or in China or in N. Korea or in any number of countries. In fact, I suspect that you support foreign aid in a number of countries with leadership far less legitimate and competent than the Isreali leadership. Supporting needy people (or children, natch) anywhere is not support (direct, indirect, explicit, implicit) of whomever is making the political decisions you disagree with. To suggest that no charity in Isreal is worthy of unqualified support because you disagree or are ambivalent about the political leadership is profoundly confused. I urge you to consider the implications of what you are suggesting.

  • Jonathan

    Look, all I really meant was, don’t pre-judge an amazing artist just because he’s Israeli.
    As for the charity, of course it’s deserving, I’m just saying the Jewish orgs supporting it tend to offer the Jewish communities they serve a one-sided view of Israel. My own inner conflict about that whole situation poked through, OK?
    Not that this post is the appropriate forum, or that it will make a diff. as I have a hunch not many TOists will shell out for this event. (Hey, prove me wrong.)
    BTW here’s a link to a photo gallery of the group’s last Toronto show.