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The Expo Planners Want Money! The Mayoral Candidates Want Money! The Provincial Government Don’t Got Money! And The Guardian Angels Found Some Money!

Officials desperately arguing over who’s responsible for potential financial shortfall for Expo 2015. If the answer is “somebody other than Toronto,” we’ll get to bid! If that is not the answer, however, things will be slightly more problematic. (That’s the Perisphere and Trylon on the left there, by the way. From the New York World’s Fair. They’re famous, you know.)
David Miller and Jane Pitfield come together to agree that the provincial and federal governments should spend money on housing in Toronto. Torontoist is shocked – shocked – that any two municipal politicians would agree that federal and provincial governments need to give the city more money.
However, Ontario’s money-giving capacity looks to be fairly flimsy, because the government has released their fall economic statement and it looks like we’re going to have less growth and a bigger deficit. (See how that tied things together nicely? That’s jourmamalism, baby.)
The Guardian Angels in Toronto were almost going to go bankrupt, but an eleventh-hour mystery donor has put them back into solvency. The Angels assure us that despite having been $50K in debt until two days ago and only having two dozen members, there is still heaps and heaps of interest.
The federal Tories are dismissing amnesty for undocumented workers in Canada.
And the Ombudsman’s Office of Ontario is launching an investigation into the Ontario Lottery Corporation. Because when it comes to potential malfeasance over the chances of somebody else winning lottery money you were never seriously going to win anyway – we will not stand for that!