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A Smashingly Good Ferry Tale

It’s the story that keeps on giving, folks – the Island Airport!
Yesterday, the Toronto Port Authority’s shiny new ferry took 30 minutes to traverse the 120-metre gap between Bathurst Street and the airport. It took longer than the expected 90 seconds because the pilot (who the TPA won’t name) seems to have driven smack into the dock.
The CBC talked to TPA head of operations Ken Lundy who said that the pilot had a panic attack in reaction to blue smoke floating about after a celebratory fireworks display. A second captain apparently grabbed the wheel, hence the collision.
CityTV ups the dramatic ante citing alleged shouts of, “I don’t think he sees it! He doesn’t even know it! Hold on! Hold on!”
There seems to be some minor, superficial damage to the $5 million boat, but fear not: people were jostled but there were no injuries.
They say there’s no thing as bad publicity but we wonder if that’s true with stories involving smoke, water, airports and panic attacks…