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Istvan Kantor + Warhol Show = Art Scene Hilarity

2006_8_3istvan.jpgTorontoist got tipped off that Governor General Award winning artist Istvan Kantor was arrested today at the AGO’s Andy Warhol show for staging a blood-filled performance. The exhibit, which shows a darker side to Warhol, has been up for a month so we think it’s about time that Kantor showed up. The performance artist has been banned from several museums including the National Gallery of Canada. A part of us wished we could’ve been there, this is from the e-mail we received:

From what I have learned, he and his friends poured blood on the floor and then proceeded to roll around in it. Istevan (sic) followed this up by standing in front of a painting stripping off his clothes and holding a vial of blood attached to his penis. He then proceeded to read from his manifesto. At this point, he was escorted out by the police. Rightfully so, some of the visitors were very disturbed!