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Missing: One Pair of Pants

hot pants (pl.n.):
1. a clothing item that’s neither hot nor pants
2. a clothing item that’s outlawed in most countries
3. a clothing item that’s on par with short shorts
4. a piece of fabric (nylon, polyester, cotton, lycra, velour, terry cloth, etc.) that’s too small to become anything else
5. appropriately used in a sentence when answering the question: “where are your pants?”
According to Wikipedia, “the Spice Girls, especially Ginger Spice and Scary Spice revived the hotpants fashion in the 1990s.” As a wise man once said, “it’s like everything that’s gross is just a Spice Girl.”
NOTE: We also spotted a young woman wearing a hot pants one-piece wandering the streets of Toronto. Although our initial reaction was to scream “GROSS!”, we managed to save such comments until she was out of earshot.
photographer: shari k. location: Queen and Dufferin (by the El Amigo plaza)


  • Bill Taylor

    I think hot pants are actually hot. Sorry shari k, you missed the mark on this one. I declare this the summer of the hot pant!!

  • shari k.

    what? summer of the hot pant? should i buy you a pair of hot pants for your birthday?

  • MYOB

    What is this? Vice Magazine? Are you going to start making fun of homeless people next? Who will be the next easy target?

  • Jeremy Wilson

    If only this place was more like VICE. Sigh.

  • David Topping

    Yeah, girls who wear hot pants and homeless people are, like, the same thing.

  • Paige

    That girl totally walked past me when I was standing outside the Gladstone on Saturday!!
    …and I thought “how brave” and my friend said “those are one of those outfits you see in magazines or on manequins and always wonder who wears them out on the street…”

  • MYOB

    There’s no connection, David. It’s just totally gawkish, mean-spirited and lazy to make fun of regular people on the street. VICE sucks so does PopFuel. Such low-brow humour.

  • Shawn Micallef

    It’s kind of trashy, but I think it totally qualifies as hot (which was, i assume, the intention).
    Avoiding being like VICE, and the making fun of regular people who are trying their best, is a very good thing.