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What’s That Whistling Sound….

It could be one of two things the sound of CBC TV’s ratings plummeting or it could be the sound of the the IQs of Canadian TV watchers reaching new lows. The CBC announced its fall lineup and it’s a strange mixture of mainstream trends that the CBC resists (more reality tv, quiz shows) and giant national projects meant to unify Canadians in front of their TVs (Hockey: A People’s History).
2006_6_16george.jpgThe CBC will try to siphon off viewers from Canadian Idol with The Canadian One, a reality show from the UK that had talent singing as well as living together, oooh can’t wait for the divas to just pop out of the woodwork. George Stroumboulopoulos will be appearing on the main network at 11pm, and the CBC will be trying to create cross-generational programming that families can watch together. How will they do this? A quiz show, Wendy Mesley playing consumer advocate, and a show about business financing…
There are a few things we’ll be happy to see. Hockey: A People’s History, tons and tons of documentaries, and a kids cartoon series based on Pierre Berton’s The Secret World of Og!


  • Timothy

    The CBC occasionally shines very brightly and when it does I soak up it’s rays. But this new programing schedule shows that the rainy clouds of small-imagined Conservatism and un-inspired chasing of youthful votes are here and I’d better get an umbrella.
    I wholeheartedly agree that CBC has reached a new level of suckiness. I saw that announcement yesterday and figured this fall would be the time to reserve television usage to watching TVO and movies, but certainly not CBC’s crap. What’s really annoying about this lineup is that they’re showing the type of provincialism which makes Canada such an annoying place at times: these shows (American Idol rip-off and the Simon Cowell inspired Next Great Inventor thing) seem to prove that things can only happen in Canada if they’ve been proven somewhere else (cough cough *Tor-Gothamist*).
    And then there’s Stroumboulopoulos, who was great at Much Music and at looking smart when interviewing rock stars (which is apparantly effortless to begin with); since going to CBC he’s only brought new insight and imagination to dumbing down and done nothing to elevate the intelligence of his viewers, who are left with what would have been once a sad spectacle – some 30 something trying to be cool to teenagers. Yuck.
    Anyway, in the end who cares? CBC will suck and the demographic they’re chasing will be too busy updating their profiles on MySpace with their latest homemade video or MP3 to catch their offering of lameness.

  • Shawn from Montreal

    But you’re young! Don’t you feel yourself inexorably drawn?