Toronto Third Most Polite City, Really?




Toronto Third Most Polite City, Really?

2006_6_20readers.gifHow many of you have given up your seat on the TTC lately? What about holding a door open for a stranger with bags of groceries? Or given directions to a stranger? Well some of us must have because Reader’s Digest recently tapped us as the third most polite city in the world (ok, it was actually just 35 cities). New York took the top prize and those orderly Swiss bankers in Zurich took second but third place is a pretty great honour.
But we were a little perturbed by how badly so many cities placed. Orderly if stifled Singapore placed near the bottom which means the uptigtht government there might just have to change a few laws. Fines for being rude anyone? London and Paris were in the middle of the pack at 18th and 19th. Strangely no other American or Canadian cities were on the list so we can’t really tell how polite or rude Calgary is.Montreal placed a dismal 21st.