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Olympics Update: Canada at it Again… Ahem!

joey cheek.jpgJeremy Wotherspoon has blown it again. After his silver medal at the 1998 Nagano games, the Canadian Speedskater has been at the top of Rick Tocchet‘s odds sheet ever since. Yet he continues to disappoint in Olympic competition. The three-time World Cup 500m champion was average at best, finishing ninth today. This comes after he tumbled to the ice in Salt Lake City four years ago when he was also a heavy favourite. American Joey Cheek won the gold with Winnipeg’s Mike Ireland finishing as the top Canadian in seventh spot. The 29-year old Red Deer native Wotherspoon will have one final chance for gold when the 1000 metres is held this Saturday. And just to add to your pressure Jeremy, here’s what some readers back home had to say:

The biggest choker in Canadian olympic history…

What a major league Choker, guy gets so much attention from the press and he absolutely never comes through for Canada.

We should stop wasting money on atheletes like this one, who fail repeatedly.

On a more positive note. For those of you who will be forced into viewings of The Notebook or The Wedding Planner tomorrow evening, you can take refuge in the fact that the puck drops on the mens hockey portion of the Olympics at 5 am Wednesday morning.


  • Ron Nurwisah, Boy Reporter

    What?! Those guys on the TSN board must be out of their minds. Wotherspoon might be a choker (and really only at the Olympics) but he’s not an overpaid choker. Also, if you look at his record, is he really a choker? The guy holds the record for most world cup wins (over 50), has been a champion at the 500m and 1000m long track half a dozen times in the last ten years. Bottom line, he gets paid probably one tenth of an average Leaf and has choked less than that entire team.

  • Adrian

    But Boy Reporter.. Your new Prime Minister would probably point out that Tie Domi and Mats Sundin don’t receive as much Government funding as Wotherspoon’s team.. That and they contribute more taxes.
    And give me a break!!! Who really cares about the World Championships? The Olympics are Amateur Sports version of the NHL Playoffs and Jeremy Wotherspoon is the Ottawa Senators of the Speedskating world.

  • Jill

    I think you’ll find that if you probe into the public funding of sports, hockey is quite well taken care of in comparison to speed skating or any other sport we have.

  • Adrian

    “Bottom line, he gets paid probably one tenth of an average Leaf and has choked less than that entire team.”
    Boy Reporter didn’t say Hockey Canada. He said the Toronto Maple Leafs who are paid by MLSE. Who cares if they choose to overpay Jason Allison?

  • Jill

    It sounds like you’re suggesting that amateur sports aren’t worth funding as long as there’s a chance that athletes might lose.