Igniting Ignorance with Ignatieff




Igniting Ignorance with Ignatieff

bloodandbelonging.jpgFollowing J Kelly’s assertion that the now-infamous Michael Ignatieff book, Blood & Belonging, was a hard to find, Torontoist felt the urge to prove Mr. Nestruck wrong. So we walked into the first public library we came across, did a little dance with the Dewey Decimal system, and came out with the book. Hard to find? Hardly.
In addition to our taking blog-general supreme J Kelly to task, we also took note of the sections on the Ukraine – which contain offensive passages that appear to be all the hula-baloo right now. But before Ignatieff ever drops the ‘Little Russians’ bomb, we were more concerned with this little tidbit:
Mention anything remotely Ukrainian to Mr Ignatieff now, it’ll probably conjure up images of losing the riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore. Or at least a few more boo’s. As for J Kelly? Well, let’s just say he’s a little heavy on Liberal conspiracy theories and a little light on library wherewithal.