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Guy Not-So-Terrifico

2005guyterrifico.jpgSome of the best lines in cinema come from mocumentaries, like “Spinal Tap is swimming in a sea of sexual retardation,” “Blaine is the stool capital of the world” or “Turn down the suck” (Ok, maybe not the last one). Now we can add “Hump the drum” to that list, thanks to local director Michael Mabbott’s contribution to the genre, The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico. It features Ex-Superfriendz front man Matt Murphy as a fictional, possibly departed, Canadian country star.
Add in appearances by Merle Haggard, professional alcoholic and vampire hunter Kris Kristofferson, and a few other country legends, and you should have a drunken good time, right? Unfortunately, Murphy can’t act and the film flirts too much with sincerity. Along with the new catch-phrase, there’s all but one scene, where Murphy self-destructs on a Nashville TV show, that’s the least bit terrifico.