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Bang Zoom Right to the Moon

On the lawn of an Annex apartment block, a group of hopeful astronomy hobbiests point several telescopes at the CN Tower. We’re not sure why, or what they could possibly be hoping to see on a hazy summer night in the Big Smog Smoke, but maybe we’re just jealous that their telescope is bigger than our telescope.


  • kevin bracken

    i saw them from my balcony last night. i was going to ask to join them but i was a little downtrodden from a trip to markham.
    see, i told you space was on everyone’s minds :)

  • billonlogan

    Mars joined the Perseid meteor shower for a beautiful display on August 12th.
    The Perseids come every year, beginning in late July and stretching into August. Sky watchers outdoors at the right time can see colorful fireballs, occasional outbursts and, almost always, long hours of gracefully streaking meteors. August 12th is among the many nights of the shower, there is always one night that is best. Better seen outside the bright city lights. Awesome!

  • Alison

    Of course, I forgot about the Perseids – still, it seems an odd place to set up a bank of telescopes. Surely the roof would have afforded them a better view?

  • Paige

    All these people keep saying Mars is going to be the same size as the Mooon next week… but it’s still a star-size.. surely it can’t grow that much in a week!!

  • Lori Cherilyn

    that was on the lawn of the appartment next to mine, too bad i was in markham, the dreaded city to more than one last night