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Blogging Behind a Mistrial??? Uh Oh!

This just in: at 9:30 PEEE EMM on a Tuesday, most news has conveniently stopped for the day…but not today! The big deal in the courts right now, “the Johnathan Trial” as they call it, is declared a mistrial.
Excuse me? With that tight a publication ban? With all that evidence brought forth? With what may as well have been a confession through a taped recording of a phone conversation RIGHT before the murder? How can there be a mistrial?
How, you ask??? because, APPARENTLY, a kid who’s been in the court room for the whole trial has been BLOGGING about it. Yes. With names, details, etc….thus jeopardizing the identities of the youths involved, thus making the entire trial a big fat flop. Not that we can find the blog yet, but wowsers.
***UPDATE*** we found the blog. now, is it ethical to link to it??
[we ask because a certain Torontoist was fired from a certain entertainment channel for blogging about working there. this takes it to a whole new level, not sure if linking to the guilty blog constitutes being an accomplice? ]
Just today there was a great story by trial-writer-extraordinaire Christie Blatchford about how this trial, despite it’s severely tight publication ban, has been incredible in terms of the amount of evidence gathered and displayed to the jury. The jury went in to start deliberating yesterday, and Blatchford went on and on about how the little punks could actually get nailed for the horrendous crime that saw 12-year-old Jonathan’s small body found in his home basement’s crawl space with 71 cut, hack or stab wounds, including three fatal thrusts that severed a vital artery.
Not all blogging is good blogging necessarily…and publication bans stretch beyond the old print and broadcast media kids, remember that!


  • JVP

    I dont knwo where to start, I guess just by letting out my frustration over the insane family culture some kids are growing up in. Every young child today is exposed to more harmful things in their eveyday life that it almost makes no sense that there are any kids still alive. And for those of you silver spooned kids, just think how retarded your own family life is. These kids brutally murdered their own friend/brother.
    They stabbed him repeatedly until he lay lifeless and then stuffed him into a closet space.
    I only have one real question. If these kids get away with murder, who is going to take responsibility for them and their gastly actions? I think that since parents brought them into the world they should suffer their consequences. Sounds harsh, but dont have kids if you cant raise them properly.

  • JKelly

    As I understand it, the main witness in the trial was keeping a blog, but that wasn’t what caused the mistrial. What happened was she revealed information about herself on a vampirism website — not her blog — that was contrary to what she had said on the stand. National Post reporter Joe Brean then wrote about that website. Since it seemed she had perjured herself and she was such an important witness, a mistrial was called. (See full story: )
    A mistrial doesn’t mean that the 3 accused will go free, mind you — just that they have to go through the whole sorry thing again.